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Zalmen Mlotek: Touring Concerts

GHETTO TANGO is a moving and inspirational concert that highlights the songs and music performed in the underground cabarets, which sprang up in the Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Europe. The concert features Zalmen Mlotek, Daniella Rabbani, and Avram Mlotek. Created by Adrienne Cooper z’l and Zalmen Mlotek. In English and Yiddish.


November 10 - December 15, 2013

In English.

LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME is a new coming-of-age musical based on the Academy-Award-nominated, Golden-Globe-winning filmFollowing three generations in an immigrant family living in Montreal during the 1920s, when North American Immigration pushed forward in its final great wave and an assimilated country pushed back harder, LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME recounts protagonist David's childhood memories of the people and occurrences that would shape his life.

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Baruch Performing Arts Center, Nagelberg Theater
55 Lexington Avenue (enter 25th Street)
NY, NY 10010

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A musical, theatrical Chnukah celebration for the whole family, featuring a young musical ensemble of performers and accompanied by a hip Klezmer ensamble under the musical direction of Zalmen Mlotek. Starring Joanne Borts, Rachel Yucht, Avi Fox-Rosen, and Avram Pengas with Dmitri "Zisl" Slepovitch, Brian Glassman and Matt Temkin. In Yiddish, English, Hebrew and Ladino with English translation supertitles.

A riveting concert featuring the "Farbotene Lider" (Forbidden Songs) which were clandestinely shared from Jewish family to Jewish family behind the iron curtain. Notes from the Underground features members of the electrifying Klezmer group, Golem, Phyllis Berk, Elmore James, and Svetlana Shmulyian.  Musical Director, Zalmen Mlotek.  In Yiddish and Russian with English and Russian translation supertitles. 

SOUL TO SOUL is an electrifying concert that explores the intersections between African-American and Yiddish folk music traditions. Conceived and directed by Zalmen Mlotek, featuring Lisa Fishman, Elmore James and Tony Perry. In English and Yiddish with English and Russian supertitles.

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